Nothing gives me more of a rush than watching my C drive slowly defragment away.

I got a lot of progress down in FF6 (which I am playing on the PS2) - I'm in the World of Ruin now.

The internet was down for most of the day again, so I couldn't do much. I worked on a MIDI of FFX's Suteki Da Ne.

I can drive now because I completed driver's training, so I'll probably shut up about it sooner or later.

Once Bob hits me back about that story I'd like to write, I can get it underway - providing some content for the Swamp.

Holy shit, they're going to say "shit" on South Park next week! Unless they're shitting me. (I stole that directly from their commercial.)

Well then, time to check out my local webcomics and haulass to bed. I'm waking up early to order my dad to go on a run for Patriarch's 24-Hour Period.

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 6/16/2001 11:15:32 PM

DAURAGON IV: *pant* ... *pant* ... *pant* ... *pant* ...

Well, I beat the Bouncer again, and now I am in charge of all four Dauragons! Of course, that's a minor spoiler! But who cares!

The internet's been down all day, as well as my FTP access to Port5. So STILL no replyin' to these messages. Ughagh.
Well, it's a nice Friday night. Time to SIT - ON - MY - ASS!!!!

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 6/15/2001 09:58:42 PM

Cool. Currently, my FFX Piano Intro is the only FFX file on VGMusic, and is one of the four total PS2 songs there. I'm FAMOUS AGAIN!!!

Furthermore, I had my second driving lesson today, where I drove all around Marin County. That was some fun crap. I'll probably go out driving with my dad later.

I'll be working on various MIDIs and on the Bouncer today, also, I'll try to get the Reply feature back up as soon as possible. Port5's FTP is a bitch.

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 6/15/2001 03:34:43 PM

I'd like to reply to both of the previous posts by replying, but FTP access to my PHP server is too clogged up. So I'll reply here.
First to Bob's:
Well, sorry for your loss... I hope I (or anyone I know) don't have to die that way. Must've been hell for your grandma while she was alive, if she could even notice she was really even going through hell, or if you would even have called her alive then, as you said. It reminds me a bit of the movie Steel Magnolias (see it, it's pretty good), not that that's the exact same thing that happened.
And then to James's:
Talent show zuh? Eh, I would have wanted to do that. And that's probably the same reason that I like Cross Country and Track - because people don't depend on you as much. Refer to Calvin and Hobbes for more insight on organized sports. And I can't download the compilation video because ~(wtf) I'm on 56K now and ~ my other Cable computer has screwed up codecs so I can't watch WMVs.

All right, now for my own stoly: MY PERMIT'S VALID AND I CAN DRIVE!!! W00!!! WITH MY MOM!!!
Early this morning, I had behind-the-wheel driving training with some TL dropout who's really good at driving (hence her job). Driving is really easy, but watching for Stop signs and speed limits is tiresome, and I get a bit stressed whenever I pass a car or it's behind me. But with two more lessons and my DMV test a half a year away, I'll get it down in no time. I already drove my mom to Vallecito Elementary School a few blocks away today, where we picked up my sister who just graduated from it.

Then I went swimming, but my sister was in the car on the way to the pool, and it's illegal to drive minors, so I couldn't drive there. But I'm already establishing a sense of FREEDOM!!! OF AMERICA'S BEST WARRANTY!!!

Which brings me to my next topic - T.V. and Calvin and Hobbes.
Calvin and Hobbes, despite it only being around from 1985-1995, is by far my favorite comic strip. Bill Watterson, the author of the strip, although arrogant, is very insightful, and his comics strive to escape the torture of last-minute gags and punchlines. If people actually took comics more seriously, one could learn lots from the strip. For example: I never noticed how stupid television is OVERALL until Bill Watterson shoved his thoughts in my face. And now I have reason for not having watched it much for the past 5 years, besides the escape to the internet that everyone's made. But the only bad thing about Bill Watterson, as I said before, is that he has a very large ego, and low self-esteem. He puts down his previous works, but still boasts about himself, and he constantly mentions that other strips are saccharine and not "art" by definition, without giving examples. But heck, I can't argue with him, since he's stopped making comics long ago.

I beat the Bouncer again, and I can play as Leann! Whee!

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 6/14/2001 06:13:26 PM

Is it a bad thing when I use spare time to read well done reviews by Roger Ebert

I just started swim team today, and...ugh. I think the only reason I wanted to do it earlier is so Jeff and I could participate in the upcoming talent show (you heard me, Jefe), playing...I dunno, "Scars of Time" or the FF7 Overworld Theme" on piano/violin. But now that's not likely to happen, so I guess the only reason I'm going is so my parents don't yell at me as often for not getting anything done. Swimming, to me, is tougher than Cross Country since you actually have to think about what you're doing (Cross Country, the best thing you can do is NOT think about anything...except repetitive MvC2 music grr). But then you get out of the water and realize that, unlike CC, you don't feel/smell like a week old hamper sock (*sploit*).

PS2 should be coming up's time to go into the "Eddie" phase (you mean you HAVEN'T seen "Leave It to Beaver"?) so my parents don't have a reason to say "I don't feel like it." when I ask them if ew can go to EB. Then again, just wait till I get that license...

Nothing beats emulated Chrono-Trigger-New-Game-+-on-crack (or, Fun With the ~). I have yet to see more than one ending for that game.

Oh, one more thing: if you haven't downloaded my compilation video, DON'T DO IT NOW. A better, less choppy version is in the midst of being uploaded. Not on this 56K, though. It's just fun to feel like something's being done.

Wow, Ebert AND "Leave It to Beaver" in the same blog. If that doesn't scare away the kidz, nothing will...(good thing I didn't mention the books-on-tape I just got from the library)

>> posted by CaptainCanada at 6/13/2001 09:33:30 PM

My great-grandmother just died.

Two years ago, she was put in a nursing home. Here, her mind was basically destroyed by diseases like Alzheimers and whatever, ruining her ability to think clearly and remember people or events. She was hooked up to machines that forced her lungs and heart to work, and fed her directly since she could no longer eat for herself. Now, my views on death are different from many other people's (greatly due to an entirely different religious outlook), but... what the hell?

Now, I was pretty close to her. I'm sorry to see her go. But, honestly, how long ago did she die? Two days ago, when they pulled the plug? Or two YEARS ago, when she could no longer think and had machines forcing her body to continue surviving? I once got scolded by my science teacher for telling her to just let her cat die (she was talking about how the poor, 17 year old animal was hooked up to an IV the entire day).

Why do people have such attachments to seeing neural activity, or a beating heart? When an animal needs an IV on ALL DAY to live, or when a woman can no longer think for themselves enough to eat or breath, why do people try so hard to keep these beings alive? Are they even living anymore?

And oddly enough, fewer people back me up on this than I would have thought.

>> posted by BobCFed08 at 6/13/2001 09:20:58 PM



>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 6/13/2001 05:19:40 PM

Reply feature is down at the moment. ;_;
Expect it back online tomorrow.

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 6/13/2001 01:53:46 PM

Poor fishie. My goldfish Magus (shamelessly named because of his dark color at birth) died today, and my dad STILL hasn't flushed him down the toilet. My sister's off celebrating her elementary school graduation, so she'll be pretty shocked to hear the news. It was almost 2 years old, so I guess it lived a nice goldfish life. Pretty weird to think it was older than my dog (shown here 1/2 year ago).

Anyway, as mentioned, I attended my sister's graduation. She's among the top in her class, and the student council president, so she wrote a little speech. I was making faces at her the whole time. How cute.

Afterwards, I went to the DMV where I took my permit test, and passed by the skin of my [insert hilarious anatomy here]. I'll be able to drive around by Saturday afternoon, when my behind-the-wheel training is over. WHEEE!!!

Well then. Back to working on Casa Fairview.

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 6/13/2001 01:14:49 PM

I got a comments system to work - it's PHP-based and Tripod doesn't allow PHP, but I opened a remote server and put it there. I'll fix it soon to perfection.

This is pretty screwed up, but I can't stop looking at it. It'll bring more male fans to the film... horny unemployed loserly fans, but nonetheless...

It's been a hard day thanks to my mom but I can't talk about that now. Perhaps tomorrow. I'll be watching Traffic tonight. Reply to this (YAY) and tell me what you thought of that movie!

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 6/12/2001 07:33:35 PM

I really need work on the violin.

I went over to Jefe's for a few hours to do some drumming, biking, and some piano/violin dueting (my tharth). I got to brush up on various violin'd RPG pieces like "Scars of Time," the Wild ARMs opener, all the best ones. But while Jeff sounds like a proffesional (Daravon spelling! Har!) who occasionally misses notes, but only because he's never played them, I STILL sound like a junior in high school trying to scratch out popular RPG themes...what can I do to improve? Practice?

...nah. I should learn the drums at least. That'd be awesome.

I made my first video compilation today, which was more like an experimental one than anything else. Basically, I cut the best combos from whatever MvC/MvC2 videos I had lying around, and added some 1337 music. It's 3:31 long and about 6 MB...not bad for a movie file. It's actually a little choppy, but blame it on the software I'm using (called Windows Movie Maker - very original): Here!

Speaking of software, I landed a non-paying internship for the good ol' Marin County Fair. I'll be helping design the website and introduce "new media" to half-interested passerby at the fair. It's a good job oppurtunity, and from what I've heard, internships look really good on your resume (well, not THAT internship AHAHAHAHAHAHA). I'm getting closer to having a life, I am.

Can't think of much else to say. Back to talking sense into people at

>> posted by CaptainCanada at 6/11/2001 08:52:24 PM


Kidding. On Saturday, we drove to Fremont, CA, on the east Bay, where I was born. I went to the Bar Mitzvah of a childhood friend, Evan, at Temple Beth Torah where I was named and CIRCUMCISED!!! My own service (two years ago) was better than his, but his reception... HOO...

After the service, we drove to the house where I lived from 1988 - 1992. Memories. Ah.

Then, we drove to Niles Canyon, and my mom spent HOURS looking at antique shops. They are very boring shops. At least she bought us root beer floats to tide us over.

Later, we drove to San Jose and to the Fairmont Hotel, where Evan had his reception. After waiting an hour for mom to dress in the hotel lobby's bathroom, we went upstairs, mingled while the dinner was being prepared, and then entered the dining hall.

We danced the hora and stuff, circling Evan. I did an exceptionally nice job of FREAKING THE HELL OUT OF HIM every time the circle narrowed in on him, with me laughing maniacally. We sat down (our seats were designated by custom-made hockey jerseys with our names on them hehe cool), and ate the "kid's" dinner (corn dogs, fries, and pizza ugh). A band played as we ate.

Then, another hall opened up, revealing a dance floor and a DJ, and a miniature racing track. It was all pretty cool, although I don't dance to hip-hop unless sugar-high (which, sadly, I definitely was). We returned home and I went straight to bed.

The next day, after painting all the doors of my house and deciding to paint an M.C. Escher picture on my wall later in the summer, we drove to this houseboat in Sausalito, a southern Marin city, for my sister's Girl Scout meeting. It was definitely the biggest houseboat there, and its owners were rich, of course. We spent the day canoeing around, barbequeing, and resting.

While lying over the edge of a boat with my head upside down next to the water, I got an idea for an RPG story which will probably soon be turned into an IAQ:

10,000 years ago (about 2050 A.D. in our time), the world reached a population of 10 billion people. It dawned on the people of Earth that something needed to be done about this exponential growth of the human race: it needed to be stopped.

A war broke out between countries because of arguments about the issue, and the result was the world domination of a new corrupt leader. His plan was to cut down the population drastically: by sending billions into space by force - ceasing the planet's gravity to function.

The leader told the people of the earth that his new plan would solve the problem, letting people have loads of more space to live in, and the people of the world supported him. He burrowed down into the center of the earth, setting up a device that would counterbalance the force of gravity, making centrifugal force kick in, sending almost all the people of earth into the atmosphere, killing them.

10,000 years later...

The world is upside-down. People live inside the world. The sky is down, and the center of the world is up. What has happened is now not history, but science. People live on the crust of the world - to us, what would be the bottom of it. The world is nearly hollow, with underground passageways dominating the entire world. Heat comes from the center of the world, while sunlight shines through clear, metal-like rings surrounding the world, keeping the crust in place.

The world, now presented with 260 billion cubic miles of space to live, is facing a problem - overpopulation. The world has 30 billion people living in it. A war breaks out, bringing a new corrupt leader to power. He plans to stop the ancient device that stops the gravity of the planet to crush the people of the world, launching the world's leaders into space. Using a propaganda machine similar to the one used ten thousand years ago, he promises a bright new world, where people can actually walk on the surface without falling into space.

A resistance group tries to get the word out that this motion will bring gravity back to the world, but seeing that it is mostly hollowed out, gravity would make the world collapse in on itself.

So, the resistance group starts its mission to stop the ruler of the earth...

It's a rough description, but it sure is something. I had some great mental images of art possible for it.

I have to get to bed now. Bye bye.

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 6/10/2001 11:25:24 PM

Argh. I guess Jeff doesn't understand that in order for a rant to be really effective in making people think, both sides of it have to be argued out. Otherwise, it's just a one-sided argument; nothing more than the ranter whining about people who are different from him. While that's fine on a personal webpage like "SUPER SAIYAN SEPHIROTHS ULTIMATE POKEMON PAGE!!!!!", I think a page like this should open both sides of an issue to allow for true maximization of individual thought! But, since Jeff wants it to be discussed privately, it shall remain so. EVEN FOR MY RANTS OK HERE WE GO:

First of all, religion sucks. All sorts of religion. Anybody who believes in god is stupid and dumb and gay. Which brings me to my next rant: homosexuality. Homos are so fucking gay it's not even funny. I hate gays. I wish they would all die. Except women, I like seeing two homosexual women together. So only gay guys, because I don't like it, and therefore, it's wrong. Also, marijuana and guns should be legalized. I mean, people are shooting and smoking anyway, might as well make it legal!

>> posted by BobCFed08 at 6/10/2001 09:46:23 PM