I'm REALLY looking forward to the FFFDay at the Metreon... who could ask for more? An OFFICIAL Final Fantasy Convention at the Sony Metreon! The only problem is...

Well, luck. When I was young, I always said that something I'm really looking forward to will suck, and vice versa. I realized that when, one time, I was so hyped up to go to Paramount's Great America theme park after not having gone in a year, and I ended up having one of the worst times of my life. And other times... you know, vice versa.

Eh... I should put that fear aside. Hell, here's another philosiphy of mine: if I acknowledge a problem, it won't happen.

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 7/7/2001 08:15:27 PM

My good friend Aaron Nemoyten came over and gave my family drumming lessons, and while he was there, he commented on how Invader Zim is the best Nickelodeon cartoon next because it's created by Jhonen Vasquez, and he lent me OK Computer by Radiohead. Yay.

Digitally Imported saved me this morning from insanity. I worked again at Ben's house on his project, "Rupert." I have to go through the animation frame by frame (all 6550 of them) and finalize it. It's not at all hard, but it's hella tedious. So I installed iMusic really quickly and turned DI up. Aahh... I've never had a better 2 hour continuous listening experience since I set my MP3 player on repeat last summer in Italy. Unfortunately, I only got $280 this week, down from $560the previous. Ah shucks. :D

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 7/7/2001 04:19:22 PM

ARR~! Ian J. stole my idea of adding cutesy little pictures to rants... and then making the rants in the updates themselves! Or maybe it's just a coincidence. But STILL...!

...Infinitesimal Jeffrey could eat Widdle Ian any day of the week.

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 7/6/2001 09:51:25 PM

This is the first time I've been on the computer for longer than ten minutes since Sunday. Eggh. Long week.

Expect an extensive report from James and me sometime around Wednesday or Thursday - we'll be trekking to the Metreon on Tuesday for the FFFanDay, where we plan to buy FF Chronicles, and get laid by fat FF fangirls. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Whoops! I forgot to end the <STRIKE> tag! Serves me right for saying the stupidest thing since the post I deleted.

Being a CIT is rough - literally. As evelyone knows, I'm a Counselor in Training at the Osher Marin Jewish Community Center (or a JCC CIT). It's the end of the week, I have a big ol' tan, my whole body aches from being climbed on by six 10-year olds, and I don't ever want to see another gaga ball again. Oh wait, I'm going back for 6 more weeks! Hooraaay!
But I've been making friends of my age as well as Lily's age. In fact, my sister is in the unit I'm being a CIT for. She's in the Vector Theater Camp, and will be playing Evillene in "The Wiz."
In the evenings, I am doing ANOTHER Vector Theater activity - I'm in the summer night ensemble. I'm glad I've finally got my part for the play we'll be doing (I'm Bob Lamb in "Museum"), because now we have something to do other than circle games, like the Repeat Everyone's Name When Your Turn Comes In A Duration Of 2 1/2 Hours game.
So it's Vector all summer long. And during breaks, I'll be making MONEYS working for Ben the Artist down in Mill Valley. Life is okaythen.

I'll try to fix James's "first-paragraph-being-cut-off-of-the-post" problem as soon as possible.

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 7/6/2001 05:59:02 PM

Wow! An actual comic! SHOUT OUT TO MY PEEPS AT THE FAIR UH TOO LATE! Speaking about "too late," it's too ate to blog about anything that happened during this hectic week right now. So bye then.

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 7/5/2001 12:07:56 AM

oho 4th of July wow.

>> posted by CaptainCanada at 7/4/2001 11:25:46 PM

The Marin County Fair is upon us, and I'm forced to work there for four hours a day nearly every day. Not that this would be that boring normally...but I work in the "Technology" section of the fair, where they showcase "cool" programs to the bored public. At least it's air-conditioned. I guess working as a carnie would be worse, but...wait a sec, being a food vendor wouldn't be much fun either. I must have the best job in the fair! Too bad I don't get paid (I do it for PRIDE, unlike Moneybags Faden over there).

Huh? College credit? What's that?

Anyway, the Technology area that I hang out in is pretty much the most boring job evar. I stand around (there are barely any chairs) for four hours, offering to help people learn this movie editing program called iMovie (better than the one I used to make this and this--that second link is to the new, better 9MB version, which works well on top o' the line computers). Nobody except people I know stop by at my booth, and even they aren't too impressed. Wow, jobs sure are fun!

They had a demo-ing of a Gran Turismo 3 import, showcasing Logitech's (bigger part of the company I'm interning for) force-feedback steering wheel. The wheel's fine, the graphics are amazing, but what I found best about the game is how realistic it is, and how easy it is to spin out by stupidly taking turns at full speed (it was fun to watch people spin out 30 times their first time playing). After renting Ridge Racer 5, I can deem GT3 as The Casual Gamer's Nightmare. Oh my God, you actually have to use the brake!

Since LucasArts gets to plug their stuff at the fair also, they had a few games on showcase. The Podracer game from a couple years ago, Star Wars: Starfighter, which looks like EVERY OTHER STAR WARS GAME EVER, and Super Bombad Racing, which gives Episode 1 the Mario Kart treatment. What was cool was that at every hour, their usual 5 player multiplayer game in Podracer turned into a contest for a free game. I got lucky enough to be in the hourly game, and ended up winning the race, and Super Bombad Racing, my first PS2 game. Eh, it can't be that bad. Expect a review soon. No, really! The reason I haven't reviewed anything is because the last new game I got was Chrono Cross, and that was last year!

Oh yeah. Still didn't get around to reviewing that. ehHe.

Is anybody with me on the fact that Fair Food is the most expensive Crappy Food out there? At least the food at the movies is KINDA decent. I paid 5 bucks for something I could've gotten at 7-eleven for 2. Those food vendors are almost as bad as the carnies...

There, you're all bored enough now. I'm out.

>> posted by CaptainCanada at 7/3/2001 05:27:01 PM

I deleted yesterday's post due to lack of good taste. Also because I'm disgusted with this year's fair's winners.

I got $560 today for that little Flash animation I'm making. Too bad I feel embarrassed more than pleased because my sister told my parents about what almost EVERY teenage boy possesses. (No, not drugs, you stupid piehole. Here's a hint: I had more than 1 GB of it.)


Well, there's still no content. Believe me, we're open for contributions. Oh yes. I'm still working on MIDIs, but I doubt anyone would call that content.

Oh, I know what I'll do! I'll add Serpent231's compilation video to the Features page!

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 7/1/2001 10:00:19 PM