It's a good thing that I've stopped using Napster. Some buffoon renamed a track from Kiroro's smash J-pop album "Forest," "Suteki Da Ne," into "Final Fantasy X - Suteki Da Ne," and I downloaded it. So there we go. I guess when I'm done it'll go in my regular MIDI section... if I finish it. Now that I think about it, I'd like to work on other pieces, like "Main - FF9" and "Bran Bal - FF9 piano."

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 7/14/2001 06:04:41 PM

Oh, NO!

I just visited Square Japan's FFX site, and listened to a snippet of "Suteki Da Ne."

...Crap. And I thought I was making a MIDI of the damn song for months. The one I'm making is probably a different Suteki Da Ne by someone else... but it sounds so much like the other Square ballads! ...Unless it's a fake... but I don't think that anyone would go through so much trouble.

I want to finish it up, though... it's a nice song, anyway. I'm just wondering... if this IS a Square song, where did such a high quality version come from before the release of the game/soundtrack?

That leads me to believe that it didn't come from anything Square.

Crap again.

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 7/14/2001 05:39:48 PM

James here, reporting from the Digiquest computer lab in San Rafael, Cali (I can't stand that name). I'm almost done clocking in 4 hours of Nothing for this non-profit internship. At least I got to browse around SomethingAwful a little more, and take down more reasons why it's so well done.

For one, the section on ICQ/Email pranks is classic. Lowtax is pretty hilarious when it comes to BSing people. Almost makes me want to go back to talking to people like VEG_13_00.

For two, it's the cynicysm (?). Cynicysm seems to be a lot more funny to read when it's by someone in their 20s. Seanbab and Lowtax, (and the rest of the staff at SA, yes, even Jeff K) have the freedom of "not living with their parents" to be able to poke fun at a lot of the stuff in life, without risking anything. Stile is SomethingDifferent, since he doesn't poke fun at life as much as he hates it--but he still gets away with it. If we tried any of that stuff here, we'd eventually get "constructive criticism" by our parents, something along the lines of, "Boy, you guys should lighten up. This isn't funny, it's mean."

Parents kinda destroy the whole purpose of being cynical and funny at the same time, don't they? Sometimes I wish I never let my parents know I HAD a site. :P

But they are right when you think about it. Done wrong, cynicysm at an early age just makes you look stupid *is reminded, sadly, of that "Drugs are for LOSERS" t-shirt that a SRK member wears*. I think of it as when you get to college, then you're free to let loose on everything. When you still live with your parents, you're kinda limited to going through the motions and feigning happiness occasionally. Unless you're Bob. Or morons like this.

Why is it that for every 5 Star Wars games released each year, 4 of them are horrible? Just...worthless. Bombad Racing is a load of badly done Mario Kart, Jedi Power Battles was one of the worst beat-em-ups I've ever played, Masters of Teras Kazi was one of the worst 3D fighters known to man, and as for this Star Wars: Droidworks game, I don't think I've heard more annoying music and voice acting. Plus, they all have to be filled with 2nd rate graphics and cut 'n pasted music from Star Wars soundtracks.

Whoops. There goes the cynicysm again. Guess I couldn't help it when it comes to Star Wars games.

The FFF report, IMO, is a little flat. It needs some more writing from me (Jeff did fine, I just played games and picked up free stuff). Methinks it needs ignoring until it gets an update (which is why I'M here to fill up space and push it down :). However, I can't wait to see the pictures...course...I don't wanna over-hype them. You can finally see ME in all my Midgar Swamp T-shirtedness!

4 hours are up! Time to go home...

Oh yeah. The FFVIII soundtrack is, as Captain Winkey has once said, "Goood Shhtuff." I like the overworld theme, especially. Makes me remember how much I miss the chance of playing it.

Hmm...hey, Jeff. Where's my FF9? :P

>> posted by CaptainCanada at 7/12/2001 04:09:07 PM

WE ACTUALLY DID SOMETHING. Read the Final Fantasy Fan Day report. Photos are coming as soon as they are developed.

I plan on making a small IAQ in my free time (I have none). Fortunately, I now have a smaller part in my theater group because of problems in schedule with my other activities. That shouldn't affect the flow of material to the site (there is none).

For your entertainment, here's the farewell chat with Bob that I had. I think it touches on some important issues of the Swamp. I'd rather not say them directly here... it's best that you read the whole conversation.

And as I've mentioned, I've now got a spiffy GameBoy Advance. I have Mario Advance now, and plan in the near future to buy Sonic Advance (WOW), BoF, Yoshi's Island, and Wario 4. The cartriges are SO SMALL, though! A 32-bit handheld system is a good thing. More powerful than the SNES... neatos.

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 7/11/2001 05:59:35 PM

Heh! I was wondering where Bob was. That silly Bob! Besides the fact that he's wrong, that's too bad. ...And my name's Jeffrey, not Jeff.

And now, another fun rant about homosexuality!

I feel more comfortable around gay and bisexual people than around straight people. Why? Because gay and bisexual people have enough courage to think for themselves, know they're gay or bi, and declare it. They're outgoing people, and nice, also. I thought my mom would freak out about this when I said it, but instead, SHE was the one that told me the preceding sentences.

Other news that's not content about RPG Humor ;( :

The nice gay people at SuperCuts (including Corie, who was in one of Steve's TFHs) cut my hair today, and experimented on this new hair gel with dye that washes out in the first rinse. They tested Blue and Green on me - I looked like... hmmm... how you say... Swampbaby. Picture coming soon hehe.

Visit #rpgcomics on - it's my new IRC hangout. Ian J., webrunner, and others are there. Here's a chat log from today ehe.

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 7/8/2001 09:53:58 PM


All of the stuff that made me like the Swamp at all is now tucked away in the "old stuff", the only stuff in the features is, well, OLD STUFF, and the page has become nothing more than one of the millions of other blogger pages for a person to rant about their days. Which I have nothing against itself; I have a similar page, myself. The Midgar Swamp is not a video game page, it's not a humor page, it's no longer even a miscellaneous page. It's Jeff's blogger page.

So, I'm gone. I've had a few ideas for the Swamp, but none of them were ever used. "Midgar Swamp" is no longer the page I liked when I joined up (both times), so there's no reason for me to stay.


>> posted by BobCFed08 at 7/8/2001 02:50:16 PM