James again, reporting from a, uh, lab in school. We're on T1 connected Pentium IIIs, and are supposed to be learning Flash, Photoshop, and HTML, but as of this week, we do what most of us here do at home every day while procrastinating. Like right now, I should be studying for an AP Biology test next period, but instead, I'm transcribing the best part of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Wrongfully Accused Quote of the Day:

"Signal 'yes' by shooting yourself three times in the head."
"Don't. It's a trick."

That's about all I have to say for now. w00+, good computers--now it's time for AP Bio fun. So far, the work in junior year seems as bad as I thought. Guess I'll do most of my updating in this lab from now on...

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As a kind of Day Before School Starts binge, I went to the arcade today with Jeff 'n pals before and after seeing Plan 9 From Outer Space, hailed as one of THE Worst Movies Ever Made. Not playing it in THREE WEEKS BECAUSE OF ENGLISH HOMEWORK AND CAMPING ARRGGH, I sucked, miserably losing a bunch of matches I shouldn't have, and walked out of there, depressed and headached. Jeff even beat me in Rush 2049 twice by 1000s of a second. The AGONY!

But enough about me. More about...me.

Steve invited me to my first "actual" party the other day, and it was helluva fun. There were mixed drinks, smoking, Nessa, girls climbing on roofs, Goatse.cx, drunk girls (one who leaned on me wtf), people trying to throw each other into a pool, and the like. Not that I took part (partook?) in that stuff, but it was definitely a contrast from any other party I had been to, and I picked up on a lot. Like...um...how a drunk person ACTUALLY ACTS (cranky and Down syndrome-ish), as opposed to how dumb people portray them (Sean Connery-izing words and taking giant steps into walls). I now can understand what YGGs mean when they start babbling on about "OHHHH GAWD and at this other party I was SOOOO PLASTERED..."

I mostly hung around the "clean" group--Steve, Kevin (he's in the Haircut Boogie), Max, and NESSA--subsiding on Mountain Dew (tastes better at 2 in the morning), trying to play (or, rather, watch Steve play) The Opera (Hong Kong movies by John Woo go first-person shooter...but it looks like every other FPS out there), and watching DVDs--The Blues Brothers is my new favorite movie, and I finally saw Ghost in the Shell the whole way through. Requiem For a Dream, if you ever see it in shelfs, is the second most f'd up movie of all time. Second to Clockwork Orange, which we also watched. Briefly. Thank God.

School's up in less than a day, which can only mean one thing: List the ridiculous number of movies I've seen this summer! Being summer movies, I can't say most of them were too intellectual.

In no particular order:
Rush Hour (Not enough Jackie, too much Tucker, but still good.)
Rush Hour 2 (Not enough Jackie, too much Tucker, but still good.)
Mr. Nice Guy (Just enough Jackie. Still good the 3rd time around.)
American Graffiti (roxord, reminded me of a 1950s American Pie)
Jurassic Park 3 (suxord, of course, but it had William H. Macy)
Wrongfully Accused ("I've got a gun. Not here...but I've got one.")
Three Kings (Cube rules.)
A.I. (HJO and Jude Law were great, but the ending was...Spielbergy)
Scary Movie 2 (Funny, but I'm kicking myself for not seeing the first.)
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (w00t!)
This is Spinal Tap (Subtle humor roxorz, as does Michael McKean.)
Down to Earth (Hip-hop soundtracks are ass, but it had Eugene Levy.)
Final Fantasy: The Sprits Within (It's been said earlier.)
Requiem For a Dream (ehe drugs wtf)
Shrek (Roxord, as expected.)
Atlantis: The Lost Empire (Yes, no songs!)
Ghost in the Shell (Gee, I bet I'll understand the WHOLE THING next time I see it.)
The Blues Brothers (Now my favorite movie EVER.)
Free Willy (...)
101 Dalmations, live version (...)
The Emperor's New Groove (w00t again! I thought it was funnier than Shrek.)
Rat Race (Jon Lovitz stole the whole thing.)
Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory (Trippy...)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (Read the book, so that helped my opinion, but THIS swept the Oscars?)
The Fast and the Furious (GOOD Trash, I tell you.)
Life (What the--a good movie with Martin Lawrence in it? )
Detroit Rock City (This was the summer where I learned about "classic rock bands." So that's KISS.)
Cast Away (Wilson should've gotten a nomination for Best Supporting Actor.)
Waking Ned Devine (Still just as great the 3rd time.)
Plan 9 From Outer Space (You haven't lived until you've seen this.)

Stuff that shouldn't count:
Classic ending scene of Blazing Saddles (GENEWILDERISGOD)
Classic ending scenes of The Birds (So that's Hitchcock.)
"Classic chase scene" from Bullitt (That was it?)
1/3 o' Annie Hall (So that's Woody Allen's early stuff...)
1/2 of Dick ("Shaddap, or I'll feed you to the Chinese!")
Gunfight from Hard Boiled (So that's what John Woo's famous for. Um...I guess if you like guns.)
First 20 Minutes of Clockwork Orange (So that's...Jesus...Christ...in...Heaven...that's sick.)


Showgirls ("Absolutely terrifying." - some guy in Scream)

So...that makes about 33 1/3 movies (3RDNAKEDGUNWASCALLEDNAKEDGUN331/3!!!), or something like that. Whoo, now I'm a movie buff.

All right, all right, okay. And after all that, I'm sure you need some content now. So here's a (revised!) song parody by Masamune, Death Angel, to cheer you up!

And don't forget to flame Haruka! 8D

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Updated the link to RPG World, because, you see, it was broken! :D :D :D

In other news, Haruka J. Shin-Ra is plagiarizing from the Midgar Swamp again on her new site. We, along with the fans of RockeT CanyoN, kicked her ass off the net last year, and, by God, we'll do it again if we have to. Her method of plagiarizing? Stealing our oldest, most worthless stuff, and changing the name of everything to the point where it makes even less sense. And then she gets her rabid guard dog "BOB THE DEMON" to come and accuse us of stealing from her. Hoo boy. Some people.

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Let's All Mailbomb Haruka J. Shinra's New Hideout!

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