Hey, I'm 16 now.

Lesseee...what went on to celebrate that. In Cross Country, we underwent the tradition of "Give the Birthday Guy a 5 Second Head Start, Then Chase Him With Bottles of Whipped Cream," (Bob, there's an idea for that Digimon yaoi lemon you have to write) which was fun, although only the boys team was involved. Whee, I got to have Sonic hair and smell like BUTTAH on the 2m run back to school.

For my party, we (about 6 of us) went KAYAKING in a bay, and got to feel like we were getting a workout by paddling. Upper arm strength, w00. For a little more than an hour, we dodged oncoming ferry boats (near death experiences = birthday party fun!), all fell in the water (the best fall going to Omid when, after being helped back into his kayak, he tried a high five and fell back in). Also, Steve and I knocked Omid in with our kayak, which was almost as good as cow-tipping.

I won't brag about the presents I got or anything, but I will say that you can expect a review of Twisted Metal: Black sometime soon (that, and--oh yeah--Bombad Racing), Gorillaz kick ass, and Hybrid has the best blend of symphonic techno evar. And I finally got something "wholesome enough" to rival Jeffe's D.A.R.E cap: a Mr. T-shirt!

I've got tons of work lately. With Serpent winning the TAG TEAM TITLES with a friend, I now have more tedious roleplaying to do to keep the titles...not to mention AP Biology, Honors English, etc, etc killing my free time, reviews to write, quotes to write down during school...I'm a busy (Ultra)man.

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