Mindless World Series excitement aside (that was weeks ago, but who cares)...

I still have to finish this GOGDHSGKJLKRS 5 page paper, but that doesn't stop me from plugging the comic written by me (and drawn by Jeff, of course). I've actually started to write future comic ideas for Jeff, which could be a process that ends in a few weeks, or something that keeps me up late every night until I have a huge stockpile of comics. I'll leave it up to you to decide which one I prefer. :)

Also, finally, I've decided to start writing the MvC2 (mini) FAQ. Trust me, it will turn at least ONE player into a MvC2 expert. You know who you are...Bob.

Speaking of the GGB himself, I finally took Bob's advice and tried out a team involving Venom (Venom-A/Doom-B/CapCom-B). Venom was DOMINATING--I couldn't believe it. When paired with Doom, Bob's favorite character is incredible at chip damage (jab V3n0nn F4n65 w00). I've found that by adding a low-tier character with Doom-B/CapCom-B, you'll have a good team no matter what...since the last two assists are used for chipping and anti-air, respectively. Of course, nobody cares about MvC2, so I'll shut up.

Onto another arcade game that I know one other person cares about (ROOGNA!): Dance Dance Revolution! I've finally succumbed to it, and started practicing in my room, thanks to the step charts from DDRFreak and the MP3s from Morpheus. My goal by the end of the year: Don't fall down on "Paranoia."

Back to writing 5 pages on the TELEPHONE~!

>> posted by CaptainCanada at 11/12/2001 07:22:31 PM