Bad F'in news for all of you who expected a great FFFDay report. (Hello there, I'm still alive.)

Not happening. I've been rehearsing for a play for the past few months, and fate has it that the performance is on the same day as FFFDay.

I mean, James would go alone maybe, but
1) He probably wouldn't be that interested in it alone
2) He IS going to see my performance instead

So sorry about that, folks. Maybe the GIA will mention it or something.

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 12/4/2001 06:50:34 PM

Before you read this, read this article, on "Playing to Win". If anybody here has played Street Fighter, it WILL enlighten you, especially Bob, who doesn't believe in winning. I'm sorry to keep bombarding you people with SF stuff, but I just wanna give you an idea of why I'm obsessed with getting better at the game.

Ah, I'm feeling great. I just bought DDR and a dance pad, there's a cross country party on Saturday where I can showcase my skiZL, and...


Fortunately, I've still got school computers (and 6th period web design) to catch up on anything that needs doing. Don't know how badly this will affect the site (you probably wouldn't have noticed anyway :), but it's a TRAVESTY all the same.

But in other news, Jeff announced that there'll be yet another FFanday on the 15th. Not only will this be a chance to improve on the last report for me, but it'll also be a good oppurtunity to see if I've made any progress at DDR. Jeez, I'm starting to obsess over this almost as much as MvC2.

And since some weren't too impressed with last July's report (paraphrasing: "dorky and not enough like Seanbaby"), I'm encouraging anybody reading this post to e-mail Jeff and I what they want to see in this report. I bet "Less pictures of James playing MvC2 or DDR" will be one of them...arr...

>> posted by CaptainCanada at 12/3/2001 10:52:11 AM