Warning: Generic teen angst ahead! :O

"Congratulations on a terrific job for semester one! We are slightly behind so we need to work a bit faster this semester."

So sayeth Ms. Brock, my AP Biology teacher. She gives us our new schedule. Looking down, I see:

Read Ch. 17,
18, & 19

Well, that's about 60 pages of reading...judging from the past, where 30 pages is more than enough, this sounds impossible...but with the right amount of time to study, I can handle it...

I look down again.

Feb 8th
Ch. 17,
18, & 19 test


But this is no joke. Starting next week (oh yeah, and there's a 14/15/16 test next Friday!), we'll now have THREE chapter tests at the end of EVERY WEEK. THREE F'ing chapters a WEEK. And it makes sense: There are 49 chapters in the book, we're supposed to be halfway through, and we're on the goddamn 16th one--counting ones we've skipped--thanks to the oh-so-wonderful teaching job done by Ms. Brock.

It gets better: Because the lecture time, in which she'll try (and judging from previous attempts, fail) to cram three chapters of material into three days, takes up all our class time, she now expects us to meet back at school from 6 to 9 o' fucking clock to do a lab with her other 5th period class. And oh yeah, in March, those times are changed to 7-9 AM

So looking back, we're left with a three-chapter test EVERY WEEK, a three hour lab at insane hours (considering the fact that I have four other academic classes of homework/no sleep) every other week, 1000 page biology books SHOVED UP OUR COLLECTIVE ASSES, and NO chance of changing this sweatshop of a schedule she's assigned us. After some mass confusion and panic, told the class to (one of my all time favorite stupid quotes, stemming from a terrible summer camp I went to) "suck it up."

To I think the free time I had was the reason I've been managing a 4.0, and now I've lost almost all of any life outside schoolwork, thanks to this new schedule. And on a side note, the AP Bio final exam is the day before SATs in May as well. Oh ho.

Whoops, gotta get off. My dad informs me that there's "no money in what I'm doing." Ugh, pleasure!

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