There's no real reason I'm posting this... why would I want to stop the hilarious antics of the guestbook flamers? Just a message to all of you:

The sections of the site on this page, all except the front page, are DEAD. Like dead skin. We've shedded them. We do NOT update the site with ANYTHING except for James' blog. NO new designs, NO new contributions. NOTHING.

But this'll quickly go off of the front page, and we'll have more flamers in no time. Maybe this message can scare away the not-so-stupid ones so we can focus on the ones that make our guestbook great.

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 3/16/2002 11:15:52 PM

Ignore that last one. Blogger went nuts.


Listening to guys whistle along to an old Offspring song in Web Design is really irritating.

My handy MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 2 ADVANCED FAQ is kinda finished as far as the first release. MvC2 beginners waiting to pick up this years old game, rejoice!

There are NOT ENOUGH HOURS IN THE DAY. God, I'm about to have a nervous breakdown with all the junior year academic crap I have to wade through. My rushed, psychotic notes for tonight's planning, word for word. Individually, they're not bad at all, but all at once, they can make you go insane.

US History: Oral presentation due next Friday
French: TEST, FXCKING story
PreCalc: p. 334 1-7 odd, 13-21 odd
Engrish: Add to essay (personal reflection) Write out AP Essay by hand
Web Design: 10 flash projects by next next Friday
AP Bio: Nick - 5 characteristics poster + examples Friday, 29-31 test Monday, P. Glo lab Monday, Chapter 20 objectives Monday
Misc: Talk to Sorenson about Guitar/Orchestra...Talk to Coyne/Hallowitz about Econ/Gov...Talk to Misco about Philosophy...check for College of Marin summer courses...25th - Science Testing Honors...SATURDAY SATs HOLY SHIT...Podiatrist appointment after school...80s Guy $$...sign sheet for job shadow...see Career Center after school for job shadow and internship info...print Capn Canuck papers...d/l Arrogant Worms MP3s...Caitlin's play at 7:00...SAT practice test...burn DDR CD for Hayato...

And I wonder why I never update the site much.

>> posted by CaptainCanada at 3/14/2002 08:03:30 PM


There's nothing quite more annoying than kids whistling along to a who-knows-how-old song by the Offspring during web design class.

And my brand new >> posted by CaptainCanada at 3/14/2002 01:54:19 PM

Being bored on Google one day, I've found out from an article that, hot crap, there actually was a comic book hero named Captain Canada (along with Captain Canuck, Captain Newfoundland, and Northern Light). That's a pretty interesting article, actually.

There were also a few lookalikes, including one guy who runs around the arcades wearing a flag--who another guy mistook me for online (read down, it's a brief line, but I found it pretty funny).

Sniff. And I thought I was being so original...looks like I was about 20 years too late.

>> posted by CaptainCanada at 3/10/2002 08:09:50 PM