Busy week, so I guess I've spared you from listening to my college trips. Just wait till I scan the pictures in...oh yes...

Random funny thing of the day to pass to everyone on AIM:

Player Hater by Josh Tobin (feat. MC FAHEEM!)

And just to further the lack of original content, here's a funny bit o' honey math (good candy bar, though) I read on a Seanbaby-ish site. Read the whole thing. :)

Gook Power!

It is a known fact that if everyone in China jumped at one time, the earth would be thrown out of orbit. Now it's time for Kajerio the math wizard to come up with the figures!

Right now, there are 1,380,500,000 people in China, and all those cheap rice eaters weigh an average of 125 pounds. That works out to 138,050,000,000 pounds. The earth itself wieghs 40,000 metric tons, or 80,000,000 pounds. That means that those chinese people are heavier than the earth itself. Must be the water.

By using the amazing jumping on the scale technique that I have pioneered, I have discovered that you weigh 1.4 times you do when you land. Therefore, the 138,050,000,000 goes to 193,270,000,000 pounds. That many pounds is 2415.875 times more than the earth.

If each chinaman jumps into the air for 2 seconds, and goes 1 foot off of the ground, then that is a speed of a foot a second. I will use 2 bottles of Bawls to find the magic numbers! If one bottle going at 1ft/s hits another, it pushes the object 9 inches. 9:12 is the ratio, now you must multiply that by 2415.875.
21,742.8 : 28,990.5 is what you get. Multiplying this by the force of the jumping gooks nets you 257,703,704,121 ft/s that the Earth will travel. Since the Earth is 901,968,000,000 feet away, if timed in accordance with the sun, the gooks can kill us in 3.5 seconds. This is 137 times the speed of light.


(edit: This is all wrong...I'm gonna solve it one of these days)

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Instead of boring you with further adventures of me in Southern California (I'll do that later, anyway), I've got a special treat for any semi-fans of Dance Dance Revolution: A compilation video by me of all the funny pratfalls, mistakes, and weird stuff people have shown us at tournaments. It's available at 3 addresses because of the demand it got at DDRFreak:


*watches the bandwidth keel over*

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