Well, today was fun, but it somehow got to sucking after.

We start out with the SATs, not really my idea of a good morning. I actually did all right, considering last time I had to hold in a PaRappa-style Full Tank for the second half of the test (Oo ONE MINUTE BREAK!), and rushed. This time I think I did the best I could. Hope I can beat the mediocre 1240 I had last time.

After the incredibly fun and exciting three hour test, it was time to head off to San Rafael and settle something with a couple friends (Jeff and Hayato, an AzN friend) that I'd been meaning to do for some time...arcade DDR!

We headed over to the new 4th Mix Plus machine in "VIDEO BOB'S STAR BASE #1" arcade, a kinda lonely arcade where nobody really goes, but it celebrated its 20th anniversary the other day, which was surprising--I didn't know it had been that long, but considering the age of "Video Bob", I guess it makes sense. They still have the OG Street Fighter, too. =D

The 75 cent 4th mix plus was a blast. While nobody else was really there to watch (an occasional one or two folks), we still had a great time dancing our asses off to that funky beat (as the crappy DWI announcer would say). I got in all my favorite songs: Make Your Move (actually tried out a freestyle!), Put Your Faith in Me (backwards), Never Let You Down, Era, B4U, Cafe, Lupin the 3rd '78 (get that on KaZaA), Gotcha, and much more...whoo, what a workout. I actually had the audacity to pull off the two most overused moves in the book: the Bar Hop (leapfrog over the bar and hit the LR arrows) and the "LR jump to back handslap"--luckily nobody was there to watch. Sliding is fun.

Memorable dialogue as Jeff and Hayato argue over how to pronounce "Bemani" (short for BeatMania, the flood of Konami's rhythm games):

Jeff: I think I'd know! I take a Japanese class!
Hayato: ...I'm Japanese!

7 or 8 dollars later, I head home, almost complete my DWI song list with missing MP3s, get Big Trouble and Ice Age downloading at a good rate, and...


Both the monitor and the computer overheat or something, because before I know it, I'm looking at a melting desktop, and then a black screen. The thing was apparently on the whole day or something, because the monitor was HELLUVA hot when I felt it after. I had so many full CDs, DWI files, DDR videos and full movies on that thing...CRAP. Now both are fried. Kaput. Gone. Past the Point of No Return.

Maybe I'll get something productive done now. The Grapes of Wrath isn't that bad a book.


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It's finally time...for the much delayed rave report. I added comments too, and it's about time.

Felix! - Drama-king and British chick-magnet who never seems to get enough sleep. Into computers, parties, FPSs, and has one hell of an FTP music server. Owns a cell phone and ultra high tech palm pilot.
Steve! - Introduced me to electronica in the first place, currently in his "black leather/guns are cool" phase. He was decked out that day like a member of the Trenchcoat Mafia. Owns a cell phone and ultra high tech palm pilot.
Jeffrey! - Nuff said. Also owns a cell phone and ultra high tech palm pilot.

Starting from the track meet...

A TL freshman runs a 4:56, faster than any kid in our school, so that heats up rivalries between some . I couldn't care much, since I didn't think I'd get any lower than that today, much less break my 5:00. Surprise, he's suddenly bumped down to the #2 mile spot by me as I get a 4:54 and surprise the hell out of everyone. Eventually, Jeff (who yells "CONTINUE TO JUMP!" to a hurdles guy, and gets dirty looks), Steve, and Felix arrive, and watch me prance around the track for 2 miles in the undershirt/b0x0rs combo that the sick coaches love to see us in (I got a 10:50 or something, v0t). And it's time to hit the road.

After forgetting some important papers and almost forgetting my Big Pants (fitting for April 26th) at the meet, my mom takes us down to the Cow Palace, 45 minutes away. We're way behind schedule thanks to the track meet, and by the time Felix wanted to stop at McDonalds, time didn't matter at that point. Steve scares the Asians behind the counter with an order of 5 regular hamburgers--getting about as much meat as one Jumbo Jack. Jeff and I try out the new chicken and Buffalo Sauce ("I've had better buffalo"), we all unintentionally offend customers around us with our loud, 60 MPH banter the whole time. Example:

Jeff on McDonald's staff in San Francisco: "I can't believe it! They're not Mexicans!"

(Mexican standing next to Jeff in line gives him a dirty look)

Steve combined his burgers, fries, and my barbeque sauce into some disgusting yet tantalizing combos--Friesburger, anyone? At one point, we also managed to insult smokers, Hawaii, and the Vietnamese within 30 seconds, and then leave. There was a g4ng5+4 f0z with his girlfriend, and I couldn't stop picturing them saying "Doze kidz were hella stupid" after we left.

(more to come...it's taking longer than I thought)

James's mom kept getting off on the wrong intersection and we all got really pissed at her. I (Jeffrey) can drive better than she does.

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