Video offer is, as always, available on Jeff's Paypal account. Depending on where you live, the price is $3-4 for the tape, funny French project footage, MvC2/DDR bonus footage, and shipping. We're only making 1-2 dollars off this, so why not scalp us?

Just bought a couple DDR Ignition pads for cheap off eBay...it came out to $65.00 including shipping ($240 value oh). I probably could've gotten a much better deal, as some guy did a jacked up $45.00 underbid with 1 second left, and even though my max bid was still higher, it raised my price $5--eh, that's life. Bidding wars for those things are getting crazy. If anybody's into DDR, Ignition pads are CHEAP. As you can see, those prices are a lot lower than what I paid...but don't be fooled, if you don't place a Max Bid in the 40s, you won't get them.

SAT scores were just sent in, and my parents couldn't be happier. 160 point improvement! As for the GPA, I'm pretty much screwed, though (3.57 non-weighted--damn)...fortunately, there's other factors that can back me up, according to this college program.

Movie notes...Training Day was REALLY GOOD, even on a computer monitor--Denzel Washington was an awesome bad guy, and Ethan Hawke is always up to par...powerful ending, too...Citizen Kane was...not a MASTERPIECE like I expected, but still good, given that I don't like anything in the 40s normally...Big Trouble has finished downloading...Ocean's 11 has a really good director/writer (Steven Soderburgh/other guy whose name I'm too lazy to look up) DVD commentary...there's a new post I made on "Movies We Need to See" in the message board (had to mention this, otherwise you wouldn't have seen it :).

But getting down to the meat and potatoes, I think it's finally time I wrote all about EL RAVE-O TROPICAL. Here comes part two of my report...three weeks after the event.

(now playing: Chemical Brothers - "It Began in Afrika")

After leaving McDonalds, we all argue over what electronica tracks to play in the car, and all eventually get a good dose of Propellerheads and Chemical Brothers in us on the way to the Cow Palace (Star Guitar and Galaxy Bounce). When we get into the lot, I began to look around for signs of a rave (before this, I thought it might just be a "concert"--don't know what I was thinking)...sure enough, huge pants start appearing, followed by lots of neon colored bracelets, shiny clothes, a few pacifiers and teddy bear backpacks, and I get a burst of wh0adrenaline. We feel a little out of our element here (me at least), and already the smoke is blowing around the outside freely. It's fortunately not an "Up In Smoke" tour atmosphere or anything, but it already wipes out the "clean" image promised by the poster, ehe. The line moves up.

Mom, after telling us about 783 times not to do drugs, stay in school, and not get raped without using protection, pays for tickets, leaves. Steve already gets a few "woah Matrix" comments as he walks by in his all black leather ensemble. We're each felt up by the security guard, and she lets us IN THE DOOR, BABY. *thrust* We're a little late, so the bass is already pumping through the entire arena as we walk in. It definitely looked like the place to be that night for any teen into either parties/clubs/electronica--lots of cute girls looking skimpy and half-stoned, floor-vibrating bass, AzNs and other races looking 1337, big pants, and, glancing to the left, I see $3.00 bottled sodas. Yeah, cash in from the caffiene addicted teens while you can, you bastards.

We don't waste much time in the halls outside the inner arena, as there's nowhere else to go, really (turns out Sasha and Digweed were playing on a separate stage--Pete Tong, James Holroyd, the Chemical Brothers, and Paul Oakenfold were where we stayed). As we walk in, the music gets louder and louder, until we're on shouting terms. At this point, nothing too exciting has started yet--a small crowd has gathered around the main stage, where (I think) Pete Tong was, and a local DJ plays in the center while nobody cares. Various people are meandering around the floor, trying to figure out what to do. As were we. Steve, Felix, Jeff and I all realize that there's really nothing to do at this point, even though there's music, and people around us. Reminds me of the beginning of a school dance. I worried that it was going to stay like this for the rest of the night (boring Jeffrey out of his mind). So we head up to the nearly empty stands and take a seat, and observe the combination of moving bodies and [pot] smoke.

A few minutes of cracking jokes and acting bored later, we decide to split up and roam around the area some more. I have no idea where Felix went, but I remember Jeff and I heading over to the uppermost corner seats . It was a pretty impressive view...strobe lights, smoke and a huge array of colors and people (of, uh, colors too). If there's one reason to go to a rave, it's how damn cool it feels to just look around at the place with the music going. And with drugs kicking in, I expect it'd be even cooler. Not that I'd...even though while we were in the stands, I began laughing uncontrollably...um...moving on.

After some of that fun voyeurism, Jeff and I decide to return to the floor to get squeezed in-between bodies and blow our ears out. At this point, things were getting pretty congested, and we had to squeeze our way through to get to the front of the stage. I might add that nobody really cares who touches who where, so if someone accidentally bumps into your ass, nobody thinks much of it. Er, it isn't like high school hallway touch standards (heh, heh), where an accidental shoulder bump means a look of SHOCK and DISGUST.

Anyway. While we were in front of the stage, James Holroyd of the Chemical Brothers (not one of them, though...I think he's just one of their buddies) came onstage to a mild response--it didn't look like people knew who he was. And who can blame 'em? All the DJs looked like skinny white guys with black shirts. (except Pete Tong, who was helluva f0t). One guy yelled "FUCK YOU!" for no real reason. I told Jeff the DJ was Sasha, and the guy didn't really put on a memorable show...so until Jeff found out after, Jeff was in disbelief that "Sasha" wasn't as cool as he anticipated. :)

Cutting off here...I'm gonna go see Spider: Episode Man today, so, uh, yeah. That's why this is getting cut off prematurely. Download some live versions of Oakenfold/Tong/Chemical Bros, and that's pretty much what this rave sounded like. Seeing it is a whole new experience. :)

>> posted by CaptainCanada at 5/23/2002 05:35:10 PM

I've closed down the Groupboard, much to the dismay of grafitti artists from all around. Go somewhere else to post your garbage, you losers.

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 5/23/2002 04:58:33 PM

Carboner says hi.

Jeff and I are offering a FREE video offer (+ $2.00 shipping and handling) of this crazy French video project we made. Basically, Steve, Felix, Jeff(rey) and I go inside a French restaurant . After is a visit to San Rafael to DDR (me doing Put Your Faith in Me backwards) and an exciting bathroom break at a Shell station. It's an item for the die-hard MS fan, I guess, and some parts are pretty funny, too (even though you'll have to know French to get all the jokes). There's about 22 minutes of footage, plus the fact that you're buying a tape that you can just write over when you're done.

Email either me or Jeffrey if you're interested in ordering this INTROSPECTIVE and CRITICAL INSIGHTFUL look into our lives.

UPDATE: We'll recieve payment over my PayPal account, found over at my site. And seriously, only two dollars, shipping from anywhere. That's a mighty sweet deal if I do say so myself. I'd do it. (And James, I'll give you the money that I recieve over PayPal. I promise. :P) -- JeffreyAtW

UPDATE 2: James here, I'm upping this to $3.00...possibly 4, if tapes are really selling for $5.00 these days. :(

>> posted by CaptainCanada at 5/22/2002 09:27:38 AM

And now that I've finished designing the site, it's time for a Haiku!

Don't sign the guestbook.
We're not about RPGs.
Continue your search.

And yet people still sign the guestbook as though this place is a massive Final Fantasy humor site... it's just James's blog. I mean, who would want to read THAT?!

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 5/20/2002 08:54:09 PM

Hey-yeh yeh yeh. I'm testing out this new design for the Midgar Swamp. It looks a bit ugly right now, but I'll be tweaking it in the next day or so. Hope you like it better than the previous design.

>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 5/20/2002 07:50:22 AM