Sadder Video Update: Apparently Jeff doesn't want us to make money off of this, so it looks like the price is back down to a measly $4.00. You CAN, however, send a CD-R of your stuff for a CD-R of the stuff below (choose ONE option, or ask me if you can mix 'n match--#3 barely takes up a whole CD-R):

1) Ultimate DWI Package: Includes almost every playable DDR song from 2nd mix through 7th mix (MAX2). Depending on your computer, you might have to sync the songs yourself--ask me. Loads of time-wasting fun, and if you buy a PSX-PC converter, and already have a pad, you'll have the ultimate DDR setup!

2) 2 Full length movies on CD (downloaded from KaZaA). Choose from Snatch, Black Hawk Down, Big Trouble, Resident Evil, The Time Machine, A Beautiful Mind, Training Day (GOOD), or Memento.

3) Capcom fighting game arcade ROM collection--X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom. Perfect quality in the emulator (Final Burn), but you might need to get the latest version of DirectX. If you get a PSX-PC converter, , and have a PSX controller, it's the ultimate Capcom setup!

As you can see, these are basically things you can grab online with a fast connection, but it'll save you tedious hours of downloads. And looking at them, they're all pretty illegal (shh). Any extra space on the CDs, I'll just fill with cool MP3s off my hard drive. :)

>> posted by CaptainCanada at 6/16/2002 07:05:07 PM