To start off, here's a really interesting article on a sadistic Japanese TV show.

Thanks to a random comment on AIM, Almasy (or, the Notorious Al Marquis) got the inspiration to write me a little song parody--starring me!--to Eminem's "Without Me," entitled A Blog For Me. I feel so honored.

Speaking of Almasy, his new Ikon Board is up and running. Support him! This place's board isn't doing anything special.

NOTE: After some discussion AtW and I had, the Dictionary of RPG Cliches is pretty much CLOSED to futher suggestions from now on. The next "exception" I get to a cliche, I might eat the DDR pad that lies behind me. Think of exceptions on your own--please don't send them here anymore. Cliches might be accepted if they absolutely BLOW MY MIND, but other than that, NO.

I'm saying this after I just searched through the entire Dictionary for anything having red text, made it black since it's from the last update, searched through the ENTIRE THING to add in TINY EXCEPTIONS here and there to certain cliches (NO MORE), and make THOSE red text. It took a ridiculous amount of time and, 1:30 AM, was an even worse experience than usual (although it was a little surreal too :). NO MORE updates to the stupid thing. Please.

I leave you with this quote:

""Hand me down...the shark-repellant bat spray!" Batman to Robin in the 1960's series movie, after having been dipped in the ocean, emerging with a shark firmly attached to his leg. Upon spraying the shark with the spray, the shark fell back into the water and promptly exploded. I swear to God I'm not making this up." - forums

>> posted by CaptainCanada at 6/28/2002 07:24:42 PM

The non-paying internship program has started up again. Friday had me stuffing CDs into plastic sleeves, buying coffee and transcribing tapes. Today and yesterday I've been looking up cool video production Flash sites to give my boss ideas for the overhaul of the company's (Foxxdance's) site. Free Nantucket Nectar and Doritos ofmg

Good news! A place like Foxxdance is THE place to get video production done, so I asked if I could make copies of the Ultramate Dragon Combooo etc Video, and it's no problem. Tenbuki's tape is being produced as I type this, and Almasy's will be done by today. I wasn't able to make copies at home without having to re-edit the entire video, so it might have been a while otherwise. :)

Recommendation carp: "Long Train Runnin'" is one of the funkiest, coolest DDR songs ever made. Even better than the original by the Doobie Brothers.

Undercover Brother--if you haven't seen it already (or downloaded it, ehhe), go NOW. As the Washington Post put it, "it may well be the smartest bonehead comedy of the summer."

Breaking News: "HOORJ" is pronounced "HOORGE," not "HOOR-JAY" as some (myself) might have thought.

Still only $4.00 for 1:16:00 or so of footage of US. I might add that the CD-R choices I'm giving in exchange for a CD-R of yours, packages 1 and 2 will take up an entire CD...3 won't.

>> posted by CaptainCanada at 6/24/2002 08:24:18 PM