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Well, it's been three days I've been at home. I think this calls for a


Yep, I'm going back to Canada for another week, this time to the west coast of Vancouver, to check out the University of British Columbia, my other college choice for Canada. You never know, it doesn't hurt to cheque out, and I get to visit some of the west coast colleges along the way (Puget Sound, Willamette, Lewis and Clark).

Just in case you're wondering, here's some fun differences in Canada, presented in annoying bold/nonbold format:

Their dollar is about 2/3 of ours...they have BAGGED MILK~!...Red Green is on more often ("You are a big big fella.")...TV programming kicked ass as usual, even if it was just for my two favorite shows (it goes Seinfeld + Simpsons, Simpsons, Seinfeld, Seinfeld...etc)--I was in heaven...that reminds me, after seeing that one episode with Kramer's portrait I may get this poster XD...they have $1 and $2 coins, but no $1 bill...there's "Tim Horton's," a donut chain with great iced cappuccinos--you'll see one every few blocks, sometimes on opposite sides of the street--I'm not kidding...they have this cereal called Shreddies that beats any cereal in the States--I can't describe it, it seems like one of those generic ones, but it must have some irresistable hidden taste that my tongue loves...I heard "sore-y" and "eh" but no "aboot"--DROP IT, Americans, they DON'T say it--it sounds more like "aboat", or, gasp, "about"...and the locals were, as expected, very courteous about directions and whatnot.

Toronto was New York with Canadians and a 7:1 ratio of hot/not girls (I just had to say was was no safe place to look!), although I didn't see much of it during the two days I was there (earlier I was in London, which you've heard aboat). It had the CN Tower ("The World's Tallest Free Standing Structure.")--my family and I ate at a ***** restaurant at the top of it (the, uh, round part) with a MASSIV view of Toronto at night. Fun fact from E2:

Curiously enough, the CN Tower stands at the base of Yonge Street, which is currently The World's Longest Street, and right next to the SkyDome, which, as far as I remember, has the world's largest retractable roof. It's also located in Toronto, which is the world's most multicultural city. If only someone could combine these four feats into one... But HOW? HOW?

The Skydome's roof was a sight to see, although the Blue Jays are...not. Giants all the way, hands down. :) The campus was the largest one I'd been to yet, and was more like a mini-city. There are 45,000 students enrolled or something huge like that. They had a Tim Horton's on campus (always nice), a giant library, and a high-quality gym to boot. Plus, once you step out of it, you're in the heart of Toronto, so what could be wrong with that? (found a DDRMAX2...again...and failed So Deep...again--yarr, that song'll be the death of me). The average class size was something like 30, but from what I heard, the core classes were in the 100s. I don't know if I'd go for that.

To fill in the rest of the trip, there was El Net (but I was too lazy to get AIM), Space Ghost episodes, the CBC world news, DDRing to tha' MAX, f&#*#^ AP calculus/lit homework, and movies. "Clue" was a sleeper hit if I ever saw one (more like a cult film), if a little over-the-top. Hey, I'm up for a movie with Michael McKean and Christopher Lloyd in the cast anytime.

My sister, my cousin and I also went to see Signs in a packed, what can I say. It had good pacing throughout the whole thing, and it got creepy, but I've never been into the horror/suspense genre, much, and the ending was pretty disappointing (standard Hollywood fare here). Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix were good, but that little girl I want to strangle. Or at least her voice. The audience was also cracking up at parts that weren't supposed to be funny, too...which totally ruins any suspense at the time. Also, the jump scenes got kinda annoying. I hate it when a scene begins with some loud noise that isn't supposed to be scary, just loud, only the film oh-so-cleverly turns that noise into a cheap jump scene when it gets cut to out of nowhere (hope that made sense). Rgh, I should have gone to Goldmember instead...gotten some REAL laughs...

Tonight, it's Insomnia, highly recommended (coughSShack) by the Last Impression crew. And it's way too late, so I'd better get started.

edit: The SOUND wasn't synched for the first half of the movie, so I switched over to Lilo and Stitch. PWNED other Disney movies, thank you very much.

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"We must try our best to fight for the killer kick." - Shaolin Soccer

My God. That was hands-down the greatest and funniest sports movie I've ever seen. Picture Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Dragonball Z, or The Matrix physics on the soccer field....and now make it even more unbelievable. You've got players flying everywhere, doing the snazziest passing and shooting of a soccer ball one could ever imagine--breakdancing soccer ball handling, bicycle kicks from 50 feet in the air, flaming panther shots, black magic demon shots, and field clearing, player blowing tornado blast shots, to name a few. In one of my favorite sequences, the team's badass Bruce Lee goalie stops 10 shots from the entire opposing squad (there's a line of them--they kick the ball, he does an impossible save, it bounces back, repeat, until the whole squad is against the goalie XD), then throws it across the entire field into the goal. It just reeks of awesomeness.

And while the "fight" sequences are jaw dropping, the characters can be so exaggerated, and at the same time tongue-in-cheek funny, that you can't help but love 'em. They reminded me a little of the Seven Samurai (godlike group of guys gathered around by one guy with a "dream"--meanwhile, romance brews up for one of them). As well as being an action/sports movie, it's definitely a wacky comedy too...some of the Chinese humor is only funny at 2:30 (no) AM, but still, this made me giddy from start to finish. Download this or try to order the DVD somewhere (rumor has it it's coming to America, dubbed, as "Kung Fu Soccer"). And watch it with friends.

Oh yeah, I'm back from Canada too. But it's 3:30...I'm giddy...I'll elaborate later, if you're lucky. :)

Anybody see Goldmember yet?

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