Soo...I finally went to the Oasis (teen center right next to Digiquest, where I interned) last Friday for the first time, and didn't know what to expect. A MILLION people were there--including Jeff, Jeff, Bryan, Adam (ohhoo Bryan Adams wtf), 80s, Steve, Felix, Simbo, Billy (of "Stop trying to run away, Billy!" fame). It turned out that all the interesting people hung out in the parking lot, and talked a lot about burning things and impregnating each other (in a KIDDING mood! HEEHEE!). Then Jeff, Bryan, Hannah, Soy, Nessa and I headed off to Starbase. Hannah gave piggyback rides to us against our will (except me--she said she might "break" me wtf) all the way to 7-11, where we all made it our mission to try out Pepsi Blue. I'd still go for a Vanilla Coke anyday. But you, the reader, don't give a DAMN about my preference on soda, and would rather read about us going to the arcade, right?

After we walked down to the arcade, where we talked about all kinds of random funny crap, struck a new low when Bryan insulted the homeless about 5 feet from where one was lying down, and sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" at the top of our lungs, it turns out Chris is working there that night, which kicks ass. I got to "impress" the Oasis leftovers there with the AM-3P freestyle and Cutie Chaser backwards with Bryan. Hannah tries the game out and hates it while Jeff fails some 1 footer songs set on Maniac. The highlight was singing along to some of the songs (Paranoia: "HEY!...HEY HEY!....HEY HEY HEY HEY!!!" Petit Love: "LA, LALALALA LA! LA, LALALALALA" etc) like the DDR dorks we are (with Hannah screaming "DORRRRK, CAN YOU DO THE DORK, DORK, CAN YOU DO THE DORK, DORK, DORKDORKDORKDORK WHALE'S PENIS, WHALE'S PENIS" to Kick the Can--Chris said he'll never look at the song the same way again). As it's getting time to go, I just decide to stay there until it closes instead of take my sweaty self along with JBHSN and get a ride home. Chris and I got to hang out a little, talk DDR, and play a ton of catas until the place closed, and then the night was over. Hm, what else have I left out...

My 17th birthday was last Saturday (omg rated R). So far, I've gotten this poster and this shirt (which arrived today, yay!). What with the free movies, music, games, and programs I can steal online, I didn't really ask for too much this year. XD

Spakeing of which...ever since I realized I could download movies from KaZaA for free, I've turned into a movie scavenging leech. The family buying digital cable (including the StarZ, IFC, and Sundance channels) isn't going to help things, either. Already I've started to check over the TV Guide listings for movies a little too obsessively. I hope I have enough tapes in stock before this movie binge ends. I still haven't watched half of the stuff on my hard drive yet.

Already I've taped and watched The Naked Gun, and not far behind will be Requiem For a Dream, a movie one should only watch ONCE, but since I'm weird that way--I want to see it and be shocked all over again. If it's on free TV, it's mine. My dad also recommends "Ghost World" with Steve Buscemi and Thora Birch (which, as it turns out, I missed taping yesterday).

I had the start of a Vancouver recap here, but I'm gonna save it for when y'all can read it in one piece, instead of scattered around this site.

Cross Country is back and better than evar (with a new site design by Henry, even). We are the 2nd best team in the league right now...and I was absolutely winded after racing, this summer killed me or something. I'm near-dead right now, and still have let's end the blog here. Tetris is so unrealistic.

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