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>> posted by CaptainCanada at 9/25/2002 11:23:48 PM

Now listening to: "JAZZ A PUMP UP" from Beatmania

Last night, it was off to the ol' reliable Starbase to do some dance-dancing with Jeff, Bryan, Sophie, Cumrag Conrad, and later Hannah, Hannah's Mom, and Hannah's Friend. Unfortunately, Chris wasn't working there (this would be the only down point of the night), so no free games or fun Rhythm and Police couples or anything. Still, we all had a blast dance-dancing and yelling out "DORK~!" to every step. We even played MvC2, where Sophie/Bryan/Conrad's random button mashing skilz were put to the test (you guys broke the jab button, btw). I wore my new preppy preppy Gap button down shirt (which I once vowed never to wear before I realized I couldn't go on with t-shirts for the rest of my life) to help my pr3sh freestyle look, but I guess I was too nervous to try anything that resembled dancing in the routines. Bryan and I did pull off the funnest Do Me routine evar, though, with at least 2/3s of the song being spins on Basic--damn, I got helluva dizzy. And I full comboed Make Your Move on Maniac (333!) though, which rocked (Bryan got 1 good ahah).

The best parts of the night came after the DDRing, singing along, scrubby kneedropping/handslapping and pig-sweating: Driving around and walking around! I went to buy a SoBe Elixer, only to be held up by the store clerk who didn't have enough ones to give me change after I paid with a 5 (wtf). A little ways after exiting the parking lot, we RAN OVER soy's sweatshirt. It had fallen off the top of Jeff's car (and probably gotten run over many more times) while they were chasing Bryan around the block or something during their wait for me to buy my drink. After Bryan spat out the window and hit himself in the face, soy did some cell phone raving to Subsonic music, and we all yelled "OWWNNED!!!" at random people out the window, we decided not to drop Bryan off.

So instead, we dropped by Albertson's with the intention of flooding the water dispensing machine and recording sound clips into Jeff's palm pilot. From there we couldn't stop laughing at every other sentence while making total asses of ourselves on the street. So many "pwned" "Are you enjoy?" "Ouch! What you do?" quotes that it got surreal after a while. Hoo. One thing that got me was the display for the water dispenser--right next to the coin slot was the number 2 inside a circle, making it look like the price you pay for it. "THIS WATER COSTS 2!" Oh man, that was fun.

Then we found we couldn't flood the streets with the water, so we just bagged a good-sized load up in a plastic shopping bag and carried it around, offering it to hippies for $0.59 cents. Not much happened from there except rapid-fire jokes that I don't remember were made every 4 seconds and these older guys in a car called us "BURNT OUT LOWLIIFES" as they drove by, which made as much sense as Bryan's shirt that night (Budweiser logo parody about Hawaii or something). Soy had a craving for ice cream, but the local ice cream shoppe was closed, so it was back to Albertson's to get us some Crunch bar imitations. The bag of water exploded on the sidewalk eventually, Jeff chased us around with a shopping cart in the parking lot (only I Matrix-bullet dodged it ehe), we DDRed on the tile inside Albertson's, bought the store brand imitation crunch bars, everyone got in the car (soy and Conrad "owned -1 minutes to get home," which was one of the geekiest things said all night :P), and was dropped off. Jeff and I listened to the Snatch soundtrack on the way back, and I must say, "Golden Brown" kicks ass at night. All in all, it was enjoy, and so was the pen phenomenon (screw pen16, I look better in this one :P) that we had later that night on the webcams. Who started that, anyway?

Having mastered tons of stuff in DDR, I've decided to learn Beatmania, the rhythm game that started it all, using MixWaver. It's hard as hell so far, but I can pass a 4 "footer" at best (Brilliant 2U extended mix). 5 keys, scrolling downward, way more notes than I'm used to for "beginner" songs...what a scrub I am. It's like learning DDR all over again! :P

>> posted by CaptainCanada at 9/22/2002 01:54:27 AM