teddybeargurl227: hi.... :-)
CaptainCanada231: *checks*
CaptainCanada231: Wtf :-*
teddybeargurl227: asl?
CaptainCanada231: 47/M/Canada
CaptainCanada231: Why?
teddybeargurl227: :-)
teddybeargurl227: 23/f/ny
CaptainCanada231: DDR Freak member, right?
teddybeargurl227: so waht are you up to captaincanada231?
CaptainCanada231: I'm up to your MOM.
teddybeargurl227: you wana cyber me! im kinda in the mood if you know what i mean :-)
CaptainCanada231: 16/M. Eh. If you're that desperate.
teddybeargurl227: great! can you jst get it started..
CaptainCanada231: Even though you're a GUY.
teddybeargurl227: so tell me how you would do me! from behind?
teddybeargurl227: oh... take care..
CaptainCanada231: Blahah.
CaptainCanada231: Lemme save this chat somewhere. Keep talking.
CaptainCanada231: C'mon...
CaptainCanada231: #0vv *16 r ur 8008135 3h3h3h...
CaptainCanada231: (waits for "her" to say 36D, thus proving the typical 14 year old fake bra size stereotype to be true)
CaptainCanada231: Yay, she's gone. Now I can get back to my scheduled thwacking.
CaptainCanada231: OH JESUS YULIA NOVA
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