Stand witness as four three boys embark on their quest to penetrate the delicate balance between the real world... and the world our fans want us in. Ugh.
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Old Stuff

Here's a bunch of stuff our readers are sick and tired of. We're sick and tired of them, too. But read them anyway; they're good time-eaters.

MSTsBack in the early 90's, a show called Mystery Science Theater 3000 captivated us internet folk, motivating us to take bad stories we found ourselves and insult the hell out of them. Here are a few MSTs we've done or recieved.

Not Exactly Celebrity DeathmatchesWith Serpent231 being a wrestling fan and JeffreyAtW being an RPG fan, they combined their talents into these matches between popular Midgar Swamp characters. WARNING: really stupid.

FAQs + IAQsOld FAQs and IAQs we've made and recieved. IAQs are simply FAQs on games that we've made up. More details inside!

FanficsFan-made stories based around RPGs, some dating back to the time of our predecessor, Cosmo Canyon.

PicturesPictures on the net that we've found funny, or our own artwork for the Swamp.

ContestsOld contests that we've had previously on the Swamp. No one ever did really win that "Steal JeffreyAtW's Bike" contest...

ListsTop 10 lists, anagrams of names, and more.

SongsParodies of songs about RPGs. Some are pretty funny, and some are even from Cosmo Canyon.

Miscellaneous StuffUn-categorizable stuff. The new "Misc. Stuff" section is really the Features page, actually.

Add-Ons A feature where a certain phrase is made, and it's added on to over time. See how it's ended up.

Sound Clips Some funny sounds we've picked up.

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