A Blog for Me
MC Anada 231 feat. the Notorious Al Mar-Q

(231) Baqq
(Notorious) Welcome back.

[Refrain 1]
Two You-Go-Girls go round the outside, round the outside, round the outside
(Repeat Refrain 1)
(Notorious) w00t!
(231) Guess who's back, keep your calm
Gowdey's back, tell your mom
Gowdey's back
Gowdey's back
Gowdey's back
Gowdey's back
Gowdey's back
Gowdey's back
Gowdey's back...muh nuh nuh...nuh...nuh...nuh...nuh...nuh...nuh...muh nuh nuh...

[Verse 1]
(231) I've created a monster!
'Coz nobody wants to see Gowdey no more, they want Serpent - I'm chopped liver
Well if you want Serpent, this is what I'll give ya
A little bit of me mixed with some DDR
Some dancin' that'll jump-start my heart quicker than a
Shock when I get shocked at Jeff's house sellin' online videos and he's fornicating
While I capitalize the profit that I'm calculating
My mad marketing skillz, and here I am
I'm on the net, constantly updating
I know you got a job, Almasy, but your music-hosting service is complicated
So Tripod.com won't log me on or let me blog -- hell here's more of the song:
They try to guide me to rotten dot com but it feels so empty when I'm on
So come here and dance: Show me your moves? Hell with that
Slam Vanilla Coke and soak in these grooves and get ready:
Update's about to get heavy
They just mailed me my SATs

[Chorus x2]
Now this looks like a blog for me
So everybody start commenting
Because livejournals breed idiocy
The 'Net feels so EMpty without me

[Verse 2] Little hooligans--kids feeling all terrible
Embarrassed, their parents still connectin' with AOL
They start feeling like horses locked in a stable,
'til someone comes along on a mission and yells "CABLE!"
A cantankerous webmaster is dangerous, Could start a resolution to trash all his content
A rebel, so just let me work this, Final Burnin' combo attacks and kickin' this guy's ass
And it's a disaster, as Storm an' Cable an' Cammy team-up and you can see so much then in a flash
You ask for me? Well I'm back
[hums "Spanish Flea"]
(Notorious) Woo!
(231) Fix your dial-up modem, tune it in and then I'm gonna
Enter in it, up under your browser like a pop-up
banner ad and stay there, cause a lock-up
I'm raiding, the best thing since invading
My groupboard when my site's incessantly jading
This ain't a Final Fantasy site no more so get the HFIL out and lemme settle the score
Check the damn archives for Cosmo Canyon lore
And step back as I bust out an encore:

[Chorus X2]

[Verse 3]
I'll kick it and smack it, ain't no one gonna come diss my site and not get armpit shafted
Junior Paul Chun, you can get your Thatcher kicked
Worse than all them little guestbook bastards, and Jeffy,
You can get smashed by Almasy, you're joking--you a high school graduate? Oh please!
You're only a blurb in the obituaries, NOBODY LISTENS TO MIDIS!
Now let's go, give me the invite I'll be there with a whole update full a' 1337 hotlinks
I've been dope, masterful with a DDR pad and haven't missed
Ever since Tenbuki started showin' up tracklists
But sometimes the stuff just seems everybody only wants to mess up me
So this must mean I'm guaranteed a flame on the next round of commenting
Though I'm not the first king of controversy
I am the worst thing since Ryukage to turn a Canyon clone site into my own page
and use it to get myself 313373 (Hey!)
Here's another trend from which you can't hide
20 million other d00dz show up with AzN pride
but no matter how many blogs that you may see
it'd be so empty without me

[Chorus X2]

(231) Hum dei dei la la Hum dei dei la la... la la la la la...na na na na na [X2] (Notorious) Kids!

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