Stand witness as four three boys embark on their quest to penetrate the delicate balance between the real world... and the world our fans want us in. Ugh.
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ICQ Number: 11142974 The founding father and X-Treme Champion of the Midgar Swamp is none other than James Gowdey. When he's not burning electronica CDs (both ways), practicing his Marvel vs. Capcom game, or balancing a balloon on his head, he can be found bored stiff at his computer, pretending to wrestle people online.

James's bio

Current Winamp Playlist.

My 50 Favorite Songs

Current Music Choice to Be Played At Funeral:"Life" by Our Lady Peace.

Currently playing: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (ARCADE COMPETITION GOODNESS), Marvel vs. Capcom Training Mode. (Yeah, I know..."^o^whatever hapened to rpgs!??!?!1?!?//o_O")

ICQ Number: 14456356

AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name: JeffreyAtW

MSN Messenger Email:

Yahoo! Messenger User Name: jeffreyatw

JeffreyAtW is the wonderful, genius, expert, and egotistical artist, HTML designer, and composer of the Swamp. He's the one that updates all the time with nothing relevant, and even less things useful. He roleplays as his character Skyler, who resides at Mundi Noctem. He was recently kicked down the stairs by his dog, but took his car (with his new driver's permit) and RAN HIM OVER!

Jeffrey's bio

Jeffrey's old bio

Current MIDI's in the making: Suteki Da Ne (FFX), Soulless Village Bran Bal (piano, FFIX), FFIX Main Theme

Currently playing: Final Fantasy VI

ICQ Number: 14179958 (WolfeDen3)

AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name: WolfeDen3 TPW

His titles are "Accumulator of Twenty-One Titles", "CoLaUAwwPNbUDtTL (Creator of Large and Useless Acronyms which will Probably Never be Used Due to Their Length)", "Collector of Hen Ties", "Contributor of Bizarre Things No One Else Has Thought Of", "Downloader of 230+ MP3s in 12 Hours", "Duke of URL", "Esper Whose Name is Synonymous with the Apocalypse", "Gentleman and a Scholar", "HTML Coding Checker", "Innuendo Man", "Learner of BoomBada", "Most Likely to Succeed", "Most Shy", "MSTery Word Creator", "Platinum Bomber", "Official Error Reporting Guy", "Savior of Files", "Title Accumulator", "Typo Man", "Waster of Valuable Computer Bytes with Such Dreadfully Lengthy Titles", "<THIS TITLE AVAILABLE FOR RENT>" and "WolfeDen3"... It is the Esper who IS Ragnarok! If you've seen a faulty link before and it's fixed but NOT mentioned in the next update, it's probably the work of Ragnarok. He also RPs (RolePlays) at Windor, the MMG, and Mundi Noctem, and you can find details about his characters on this page. He also has his own website, (appropriately) called WolfeDen3's Website.

Ragnarok's bio (now from his own site =P)

Currently playing: Final Fantasy VII (PC Version...Excellent for those of us who don't own a PlayStation =P)

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