Well this is very interesting indeed. As I type, we are 4 hours into the 1st annual Blog-A-Thon. Makes me want to have joined in, but I definitely wouldn't have been able to make it.

I've added a new IAQ, The Wizard of Oz IAQ, by me. There's a more complete version on my computer... but not by much. I'm also thinking of ideas for another IAQ, "Midgard." (No relation to the Midgar Swamp.) I plan for it to be my magnum opus of IAQs... but with that said, people will have high standards once I attempt to pull it off. Everyone I've talked to so far really likes the idea of the setting, but I really haven't created a good plot for it yet.

I have two more weeks of camp, and I'm in the middle of performing my play, Museum. That means that I'll have the evenings for the next two weeks to work on online projects, and after that, I'll have at least a week to spend ALL DAY online. I hope that makes up just a BIT for all the time I've spent in the real world this summer. I'm very mad at myself for not giving myself enough time to veg out.

I deposited the two rolls of film from the FF Fan Day today - I requested a Photo CD, so the pictures will come out in high quality (that is, the ones not taken of my thumb). I also plan to add a bit more INFORMATION into the report once I'm done.


>> posted by JeffreyAtW at 7/28/2001 04:04:14 PM