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231 Sightings - It's back! The original 231 Sightings are back and kickin', after popular demand. Contributions are welcome, as always. Where can YOU spot the number 231? It's out there somewhere!

The Dictionary of Movie Cliches - Don't you just hate when a movie is so predictable that you could probably have written it before you saw it? If you're really aiming to do so, consult this dictionary of cliches first.

Jeffrey Faden Interviews JeffreyAtW - When Jeffrey's ego grows to enormous sizes, there's definitely enough room there to fit two personalities. And what happens when one personality gets to know each other? This interview.

Final Fantasy IX Consumer Demo Day - JeffreyAtW is ON LOCATION at the Metreon in San Francisco! Here is his incomplete and desperate report about the activities that went on during the Final Fantasy IX Consumer Demo Day.

Marvel vs. Capcom compilation video - Using SUPAR HI TECSH video software, James gives us a Marvel vs. Capcom 1 & 2 compilation video, with combos stolen from various sites.

Marvel vs. Capcom character video: How to Use Venom (1.3MB, WMV format) - In some MvC footage, James shows us the most effective way of playing Venom (lots of jab Venom Fangs, really). Dig the music choice.

Final Fantasy Fan Day - JeffreyAtW and Serpent231 visit the Metreon for the wildest Final Fantasy event... EVER.

DDR Blooper Reel - With a weekend of absolutely nothing to do, James put together this classic "highlight" reel (WMV format) of stupid/funny things people have done in DDR routines. It got a huge reaction over at DDRFreak. :)

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